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How to raise a puppy ?

How to raise a puppy?

      by L&P PET

   Nowadays, many people join the ranks of dog breeding, but many newbies don't know how to properly raise a puppy. So today I am here to discuss with you, how should a puppy be properly raised?

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The right amount of food

   Puppy about 25 days old. At this time, all of them mainly use breast milk as a staple food, but they occasionally go to the bitch for food. Therefore, at this time, the owners must pay attention to adjusting the food fed to the bitch. The suggestion is to use warm water to soak the dog food and give it to the bitch. This will not only make the bitch easier to digest and absorb, but also prevent puppies from indigestion due to eating the bitch's food.

  Puppies after weaning. Generally, when the puppies are about forty days old, they can be weaned. At this time, the owner needs to feed the puppies comprehensively. It should be noted that the puppies' stomachs are not fully developed, so feeding must be comprehensive and balanced, and digestible. It is best to eat less often, and it is recommended to feed four to five times a day. The food can be fed with soft puppies in warm water, or soft puppies in dog milk.

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How many times to feed

   When the puppies reach about 40 days, that is, a period of two months. It is recommended that dogs eat fewer meals, feed puppies about four to five times a day, and feed them at equal intervals each time. This is easier for the puppies to digest the food.

   In addition, when the puppies arrive three months later, the owner can slowly add some dry food to their dog food, which will help their teeth develop, and then the feeding frequency does not need to change.
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   When the puppies slowly grow to 6 months, we need to adjust its feeding frequency and feeding amount, it is recommended three times a day. After waiting for the dog to become an adult, the number of feedings can be changed to twice a day. In addition, owners need to be aware that as puppies grow, they need to be supplemented with calcium and other nutrients in a timely manner to ensure their normal and healthy development.

How to walk a dog?

How to walk a dog?

by L&G PET

(Photo by Hannes L. from Pexels)

Why should we walk the dog

    Whether it's a Chihuahua, a poodle, a corgi, a bichon, a fawn, a medium-sized Samoyed, a Labrador, or a large-sized Alaskan sled, or golden retriever, you need to walk your dog.

But many people don't know how to walk a dog.

Why walk the dog?

     Dogs need a certain amount of exercise to maintain their physical health and meet their athletic needs.

     The process of walking the dog is also a "social" and "socialized" process. Let the dog see strangers, touch other dogs, play with other dogs, see the sun, and listen to various sounds. Very helpful for dogs to develop a more gentle character.

How to walk a dog

(Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels)

      Set a traction rope for the dog. If it is extremely excited, open the door and let it stand at the door, soothe its emotions until the dog's mood is stable, then go out, and pay attention to the owner to go out before the dog。
      Don't let the dog form the excitement of opening the door and train him to follow you every time he goes out.

      Hold the rope and take him to  pee

     Then, try to avoid crowded places and take it away. Hold the rope well, do not affect passers-by, bypass the children and the elderly, unless someone takes the initiative to show interest in your dog, you can touch it, but remember to control your dog.
(Photo by Dariusz Grosa from Pexels)
      Hold the rope. With the consent of other dog owners, your dog can contact and play with other dogs. If your dog's personality is very bad, please don't contact other dogs without consent. After a dog has contacted enough different dogs through a mild process, he will naturally not react very strongly to other dogs.

     Go back to the door. If the dog rushes to the house in a hurry, control it, soothe him, and enter the door when his mood is stable.

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Can puppies eat bones?

Can puppies eat bones?

by L&G PET

    We all know that dogs prefer to eat bones, but we can also see that in pet hospitals, we can always see dogs eating bones and getting stuck. Therefore, in normal times, try to Do not feed dog bones, especially chicken, duck, and fish bones, which are sharp and easy to cut through the intestine, which can severely cause stomach bleeding and cause danger to life. So if the dog accidentally eats the bone and gets stuck, what correct measures should we take to rescue it?

Remove foreign objects by hand under permitted conditions

    If the dog is bone stuck, severe shock may happen, even cause life-threatening, so once found that a dog is a bone stuck, you can check the dog first stuck situation, on average, to let the other people hold the dog in the chest, don't let the dog dog move, then another person open mouth, check the status of a stuck throat, if in can see the bones of the case, try to use your fingers to the bone, conditions permitting, can also use long nose pliers remove the bone, this kind of circumstance is generally card is not deep, if have the card of deep, invisible to the naked eye the bone, Don't try to remove the bone manually.

See if the dog can spit out the bone

    If you can’t remove the bones by hand, and it ’s a puppy, you can try turning the dog upside down, rushing his head to the ground, and then pushing the dog ’s throat with his hand to see if he can use the gravity inertia to let the dog himself Bone spit out.

Heimlich Rescue Act

    This first aid method is applied in a very urgent situation, because if it is an inexperienced operator, it may hurt your dog, but if you find that it is difficult for your dog to breathe, and it is not guaranteed Waiting for a professional first aid, then you can also try this first aid method.

    The operation process is: you half kneel behind the dog, then hug the dog's belly, hold one hand in a fist shape, then cover the fist with the other hand, and place it in a soft place under the dog's chest Quickly press upwards about 4 times. If the method is available, the dog can spit out the bones.

Seek medical attention promptly

    The correct measure is that if you have the conditions, if you feel that you can't remove the bones, you should take your dog to a doctor in time to solve the problem of dogs getting stuck in the bones.

    Therefore, try not to feed the bones when the dog is usually fed. If the dog is accidentally stuck, take the correct first-aid measures to avoid causing more serious problems.

What body language does a dog often have?

What body language does a dog often have?

    Puppies are the first pets that people love to feed. They are smart, flattering, and passionate, but they do n’t chat, and I do n’t know how to communicate. I think they use gestures to express their own meaning. If people grasp the meaning of such gestures, they will know what the puppy wants to do. Today I will tell you the body language common to some puppies.

Wagged his tail

    Dog wagging its tail is the easiest pose for it. Everyone usually thinks that the dog is expressing happiness. I think they mean the excitement of shaking their tails. It is a happy excitement to see their loved ones shaking their tails, and to see passers-by shaking their tails will be worried excitement, or irritated excitement. Therefore, when a dog shakes its tail, it is necessary to grasp what kind of mentality it is excited about.


    When the dog supported its front paws, raised its hips, as if in an aggressive posture, and the small tail kept shaking, they wanted to invite us to play with it. When we approached, it would jump up and run away, then look back Will we follow up and respond to its invitation.

Exposed belly

    When dogs play with us, they lie on their backs with their abdomen exposed. The abdomen is their sensitive area and can only be exposed if they feel safe. At this moment, he can gently stroke his belly.

Ears backward, pinch tail

When they make such gestures they are worried. If it also has a backward posture, it should be that they feel restless, and there are things or people around them that worry them. At this time, our family should take it away from the environment or soothe it.

Stand upright and erect its ears

Dogs are very tactile, and when they make these gestures suddenly, they are usually the main manifestation of risk. For example, if someone is near, if someone comes closer, it will continue to shout until it feels that the risk is eliminated.

Blink, turn, yawn

When many people stare at it, it will blink, turn its head away from looking at the person, or yawn. They hate others to stare. This is the main manifestation of restlessness, so they don't have to stare at them all the time. Puppies prefer to be stroked.

Tumbling after bath

After washing, the dog likes to roll in the nest. This is due to the smell of body wash on their hands after a bath, and they want to get rid of it.

Hide food

Sometimes give puppies some small snacks, they are not easy to swallow, they will hide in the nest or under the bed. This is their nature, and you can take it out when you are hungry. We will worry that they are sick. In fact, their stomachs have a strong digestive ability, and even after eating certain moldy ingredients, it is not easy to be harmful.

Every dog has its own way of sleeping, do you know why?

Every dog has its own way of sleeping, do you know why?

by L&G PET

      We have to sleep every day. If we don't rest well, it will directly affect the state of the next day. And everyone ’s sleeping postures are different. Some people like to sleep on their stomachs, some people like to sleep on their side, and some people are lying flat. Every day when people go to sleep, they will come and go, and they need to find a sleeping position that suits them to fall asleep.

            However, people have to sleep in their own sleeping position to fall asleep. What about dogs? In fact, they will also have a favorite sleeping style. Do you know the reasons behind the different sleeping styles?


Dogs often sleep by the wall

    We can notice that many times, dogs like to sleep by the wall, or they are used to holding things on their backs. Why? In fact, this is a manifestation of their lack of security. When a dog is sleeping, his back is equivalent to a blind spot. If there is danger behind him, he cannot feel it accurately. But if they sleep against the wall, the back wall will make them feel safe, just as people like to be held when they sleep.


Dogs like to sleep against us

     If you often hug your dog on the bed, you will find that they are used to resting their butt on you during rest. Many owners may misunderstand and even think that the dog does not like himself, otherwise why not sleep next to himself? In fact, this is not just that dogs hate you, it is a manifestation of their trust in their owners. Dogs are farting at you, which is equivalent to trusting their owners. They feel that even if their owners are in their blind spots, they will not do anything to hurt themselves.

Sleep under the table

    The height of the room is appropriate relative to the height of the person, but for dogs, they are so small that the height of the room makes them feel uncomfortable. So when they hide under the table to sleep, they will feel more secure.

  Sleep at the feet of the owner

    There is another kind of dog that likes to stick to its owner. He lays wherever he goes. The most common is that when we watch TV in the living room, we find that dogs like to rest by our feet.

    Because the nearest place that dogs can reach us is our feet, and our feet have the most familiar taste. So when we are not at home, some dogs will bite the shoveler's shoes or lie on our shoes to sleep, as if the owner is accompanying him. Therefore, dogs like to sleep by the shoe rack !

What can a Yorkshire terrier not eat?

What can a Yorkshire terrier not eat ?

by L&G PET

     How should a Yorkshire Terrier be fed, and what kind of food should it be fed? And what foods cannot it eat?

     The Yorkshire Terrier is actually more picky in this aspect of eating, so when feeding the Yorkshire Terrier, it must be noted that in addition to dog food, you can also choose some homemade dog food, but some foods cannot be added Inside.


     In addition, you can add some baby milk powder or baby rice noodles to the dog. The nutritional content is relatively high, and it is also a good food for Yorkshire puppies.

     Cooked egg yolks are very beneficial for puppies. They can not only provide nutrition, but also achieve the effect of beautiful hair. In addition, indigestion will not cause gastrointestinal diseases..

     Onions and shallots are rich in enzymes. This substance is very detrimental to the growth and development of dogs, and can easily cause diarrhea in dogs. Seriously, it will cause a load on dogs' kidneys and livers, which will lead to some serious things.
Milk is also completely unacceptable, because Yorkshire Terriers tend to dilute after drinking.

How to train a beagle ?

How to train a beagle ?

 by L&G PET

     What to do if the Beagle is not obedient? The owners of pet dogs hope that their dogs can have good obedience and quickly implement the owner's orders. No one wants to keep the dogs lawless and wantonly! But, There are still many misbehaving dogs in life. This is mainly because their owners are too doting, which makes them develop many bad habits. The owner's blind accommodation and indulgence are wrong. Once he has developed a disobedient temperament, he will not even be able to control it in the future. By then, you will know the consequences. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should pay attention to establish their own majesty during the feeding process.

  1. Before feeding, the owner can prepare the food in front of the Beagle, but you must not allow it to eat without your permission. If you cannot control the dog, stop it with a traction rope and put the food in Beagle can see but can't eat. The owner can order it to do something, such as not to move, not to eat again, so that the Beagle can understand who the owner is.
  2. If the Beagle is angry and aggressive, the owner should not force it first. The best way is to ignore it, because the more you force the dog to resist, the more you ignore it and make the dog understand that without the owner himself Can't get it. The method of punishing the Beagle can be to put it in the house, and then the owner does not look at it, and treats it as if it does not exist, this punishment method should be the most violent punishment method for the dog. 
  3. Make sure that the Beagle is gradually becoming docile. Without being aggressive, the owner can lay the dog on its feet on the ground and look at it with serious eyes. If the dog would obey the owner at this time, he would not dare to look at the owner, and his tail would not be resisted. At this point, it is basically a success. The owner can put the dog up and praise the dog with a gentle tone. The Beagle must understand that only the right thing can get the owner's reward.

Beagle dogs must be trained from puppies, and do not let puppies develop bad habits. Beagle dogs not only need to be cared for, but also trained to be sensible, so that the dog's life will be more harmonious.

What fruits of the Husky are inedible?

What fruits of the Husky are inedible?

by L&G PET

    Fruits are very good food for humans. They are rich in vitamins and are very helpful for people's health, but not necessarily for dogs. You must know that not all fruits can give dogs Dogs eat, many fruits not only do not help Husky's physical health, they even endanger their lives. Which fruits are not allowed to eat by Husky.


    There should be many people who like to eat cherries, but for huskies, cherries are poisonous enough because cherries are rich in alkaloids. Once huskies eat a certain amount of cherries, alkaloid poisoning will occur At this time, it will manifest as: shortness of breath, violent heartbeat, etc., so do not feed huskies to eat cherries.

Pineapple    There are also many people who like pineapple, but pineapple is a very dangerous food for Husky. Pineapple contains a lot of alkaloids and pineapple protein, which can easily cause a severe allergic reaction in Husky. Therefore, you should not give pineapple to Husky.

Avocado     Many dog foods also contain avocado, because avocado is rich in protein and vitamin E. From this point, it is good for Husky's body, and it can make Husky's hair more beautiful. Avocado ingredients are often processed specially. Husky can be eaten with confidence, but fresh ones are not recommended for Husky, because fresh avocado is a poison to Husky, and it is easy for Husky to develop diarrhea, vomiting, and even breathing. Difficulties, etc.

How to train dogs to poop?

How to train dogs to poop

by L&G PET

    We know that puppies induce females to defecate and clean up until weaning. That's about to change now. From the third week, puppies will try to leave the delivery box for the first time. Generally, the front of the delivery box has been removed at this time, and puppies are allowed to leave their sleeping area and move out one or two meters.

      We can't control the dog's urinate and poop. Puppies 3-4 weeks old need to urinate at least 12 times a day, and poop five or six times. You ca n’t control when puppies pee. They may behave when they need to. For example, they always turn around. Even then, you ca n’t control the pee every time you pee.

      In other words, no matter how serious you are, there will always be various unexpected events at the beginning. Fortunately, you can prepare in advance, for example, dogs can easily defecate after waking up or eating, so you need to be fully alert at these times.

     At first, puppies may urinate around the litter. By nature, dogs are clean little creatures, so puppies also keep their sleeping, feeding, and toilet areas as far apart as possible. You have to make sure you have the right things on hand to allow puppies to pee, such as newspapers, pads or sawdust, which are more selective, but make sure these things are dust-free.

     Of course, puppies in this period do not go to the place you prepared to pee every time, so you must keep their sleeping area completely clean. You can buy cushions that absorb water so that you can keep them dry. Putting a dozen newspapers between the mat and the floor can also absorb moisture well. However, it is important to remember to change newspapers in a timely manner. You may need to change them two or three times a day in the early days of toilet training.

     Dogs like to urinate in a natural environment, so if you can place your puppy in the garden or outdoors, it will be more beneficial to you and your puppy. This training can begin when puppies are 4 weeks old. The 4-week-old puppies should also have mastered the basics of walking.


  1. The first thing in the morning is to accompany the dog to urinate, and to urinate with the dog after meal and every time he wakes up.
  2. Go to the park or outdoor with it.
  3. When you see your dog squatting, be sure to give it a reward and say something complimenting.
  4. If the puppies do not urinate in the set place, do not blame it, you just need to clean it up silently.

     You can't make your dog go to the place you choose every time. There are also times when puppies will be pulled directly outside, so be sure to pay attention to its usual walking route from the sleeping area to the garden, and bring along what you prepare to handle its pee.

Why do so many people like Labrador ?

Why do so many people like Labrador ?

by L&G PET

Many people now keep a Labrador when choosing a companion dog. Even parents with small children at home will choose to keep a Labrador dog to accompany their children to grow up. You can imagine it How popular it is. Because it is smart enough, and has a strong adaptability to the environment, a friendly and gentle temperament.


Labrador's personality is very docile relatives, almost will not actively attack the human.


Labrador is very fun to play, it can be said that with its energy can play with you for a long time, basically you are tired and paralyzed, it is still the same. But at the same time the joy it brings to you is beyond words.


If Labrador likes you very much, he will be very enthusiastic about you, and may run towards you as soon as he sees you.

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Methods of feeding golden retrievers

Methods of feeding golden retrievers

by L&G PET

Parents of golden retriever believe that they will have seen their own golden retriever eat, and they basically won’t chew and swallow their belly directly, so some parents may think that this is because their golden retriever is not full. Then he will increase the amount of food for him, so that a good golden retriever will be fed into a "golden pig". Therefore, the scientific feeding method is particularly important here.

Feeding times

Basically, puppies before three months old, parents can feed them 4 times a day, remember to eat less and eat more. When the golden retriever puppies reach 3-6 months, you can reduce the number of feedings, about 3 times a day. Half-year-old puppies only need to be fed twice a day at this time. After the golden retriever puppies reach adulthood, parents only need to feed 1-2 times a day. Only when the Golden Retriever does not walk away after eating for a long time can this indicate that it is not full. Parents can give it a proper increase in meals.

How many meals a day?

Puppies: At this time, the golden retriever puppies are not fully developed because of their gastrointestinal function, so this time plus the time to grow the body, so the need for nutrition and calories is relatively high, so at this time it is best to feed three meals a day. Feed on the principle of eating less and eating more.

Adult dogs: It is recommended that when the golden retriever is an adult, parents can feed it twice a day, and it must be fed regularly and regularly, otherwise the golden retriever can easily cause stomach problems. Although some people think that feeding golden retrievers once a day is fine, but this is mainly determined by the actual situation of their own dogs. After all, each golden retriever's body is different.

Generally, golden retriever puppies three months ago are fed 4 times a day. When the puppies are about 3 months to half years old, they can be reduced to 3 times. After half a year, they will be fed 2 times. When they are adults, they will be fed 1-2 times.