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Why does Golden Retriever have tear marks?

Why does Golden Retriever have tear marks?

by L&G PET
(Photo by Pixabay from Pexels)

    There are two dirty looking imprints under the eyes of the golden retriever, which makes the golden retriever look particularly ugly. These two imprints are tear marks, which not only affect the beauty of the golden retriever, but also affect their eye health. Are there tears? What caused them?

Causes of tear marks

Due to food
    If the owner usually does not pay attention when feeding the golden retriever, let them eat too dry and salty food for a long time. At the same time, they do not pay attention to the amount of water they drink, which can cause excessive golden eye secretions and tear marks.

Caused by eye diseases
    First of all, we must know that the golden retriever usually has some secretions in its eyes. If we do n’t pay attention and do n’t help them clean up for a long time, the secretions will accumulate too much, affecting the health of their eyes, causing tear marks, and even Eye diseases.
Photo by Garfield Besa from Pexels


Adjust golden retriever eating habits
    If Golden Retriever dogs show tears due to food, it is closely related to their diet. Therefore, we should adjust the daily diet of golden retriever dogs, drink plenty of water for golden retriever dogs, and at the same time do not give golden retriever too salty food. For the selection of dog food, we also need to choose those dog foods with low salt content. In addition, we should give the golden retriever some fruits and vegetables to relieve the tear marks.

Clean up eye hygiene in time
    In normal times, we need to clean the face of the golden retriever regularly or regularly. Because if the golden eye is not cleaned in time for eye hygiene, their eyes will be infected with bacteria, which will cause some eye diseases and tear marks. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner can regularly use a clean wet towel to help the golden retriever to wipe the eyes, and also use some eye drops to sterilize the golden retriever's eyes.


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