Thursday, January 16, 2020

Why do so many people love German Shepherds?

Why do so many people love German Shepherds?

by L&G PET
Photo by Adam Kontor from Pexels

Not picky eaters

     The German Shepherd is not picky. It is a very good breed dog. It can be said that we will eat whatever food we provide. Therefore, the breeding method is also very simple, especially De Mu's physical fitness is very strong. You only need to pay attention to dietary issues, not oily and salty foods, and it is best to give them natural digestible dog food, so that the German Shepherd can grow up healthy.


     The German Shepherd can be a police dog because of its obedience. Although the German Shepherd looks fierce in appearance, it is actually very docile, especially when it is very obedient when training. We don't need to be so strict when training, but clear rewards and penalties are also the most basic of training.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


    The German Shepherd is a very handsome dog. It can be said that many people like the German Shepherd because he is handsome. That beautiful shiny hair needs our good care.


    When you have a German Shepherd, you will be moved by its loyalty to you. Who will resist the charm of a handsome, smart, gentle dog that is handsome to you?


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