Friday, January 10, 2020

Why do so many people like Labrador ?

Why do so many people like Labrador ?

by L&G PET

Many people now keep a Labrador when choosing a companion dog. Even parents with small children at home will choose to keep a Labrador dog to accompany their children to grow up. You can imagine it How popular it is. Because it is smart enough, and has a strong adaptability to the environment, a friendly and gentle temperament.


Labrador's personality is very docile relatives, almost will not actively attack the human.


Labrador is very fun to play, it can be said that with its energy can play with you for a long time, basically you are tired and paralyzed, it is still the same. But at the same time the joy it brings to you is beyond words.


If Labrador likes you very much, he will be very enthusiastic about you, and may run towards you as soon as he sees you.


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