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What to do if the labrador dog loses hair a lot?

What to do if the labrador dog loses hair a lot?

by L&G PET

(Photo by Pixabay from Pexels)

if labrador hair loss is particularly serious, how should we solve this problem.


     Dogs have a moulting period every year, twice in spring and autumn, and at this time their hair loss will be more, we do not need to be too nervous, it is a normal moulting. At this time, helping to comb hair every day can also increase the rate of metabolism. Usually, the dog can be replaced within three weeks.

Caused by improper diet

    If a dog eats too much meat, it can easily cause an imbalance in its body's nutrition and reduce its skin's resistance. At this time, we can stop feeding meat and feed it more fruits and vegetables, or some ingredients that are good for hair.

    Dogs have eaten too much food with too much salt, and the dog's physical condition cannot eat too much food with too much salt。If a dog consumes too much salt, it will exacerbate the burden on the dog's body organs. In severe cases, it will cause hair loss. Because the salt content of human food has already exceeded the normal salt content of dogs. 
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Caused by shampoo

     The shampoos we use ourselves are prone to cause skin damage to dogs, which can also cause large areas of hair loss. The dog's skin ph value is completely opposite to the human skin ph value, so if you use it with our own shampoo and shower gel, it will easily cause the dog's skin to be injured, and it will obviously cause large-scale hair loss .

     We have to correct this incorrect practice. Buy a special shampoo and shower gel for your dog.


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