Sunday, January 12, 2020

What Labrador Can't Eat

What Labrador Can't Eat

by L&G PET

    During the life of a Labrador dog, there are many foods that are very good for its growth and development, but there are also many foods that it cannot contact, which may cause poisoning, which may cause serious problems. 


     Desserts are liked by everyone, and dogs are also more like, but if too much dessert is consumed, various problems will occur in the dog's body. The first thing is obviously obesity. Dogs have dental caries or symptoms such as insufficient calcium absorption, which do not have any benefit to the growth and development of the dog.

    Therefore, in daily life, the owner is best not to feed the dogs some cakes, sweets and the like.

Foods that are not easily digested

    Foods that are not easily digested and have low nutritional value are not recommended for dogs. Because today's Labrador dogs are bred and bred. As in the wild era, they can eat raw meat and they can survive in the wild. But in this era, their gastrointestinal system is completely unsuited Things, so it is said not to eat raw meat for dogs as much as possible.

Too much vitamin c

    Vegetables and fruits are indispensable for dogs during their growth and development, and they are rich in vitamin c, vitamin a, and other plant fibers. But if your dog takes too much vitamin c, it may cause symptoms of indigestion.


    Onions, this kind of vegetables, ca n’t be eaten. If a dog eats a small amount of onions, it may cause food poisoning in dogs and the consequences are very dangerous.

Grapes, this fruit cannot be eaten. Dogs are prone to poisoning and death after eating.


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