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What do pets think when they see you naked?

What do pets think when they see you naked?

by L&G PET

Your pet looks at you as you take a shower and change clothes. Slightly awkward, what are they thinking?

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

   Maybe we have all encountered this situation: when you have finished bathing or undressing at bedtime, you may find a pair of eyes peeping at you in some corner of the room, which makes you embarrassed.

    But what about them? Seeing that you are not wearing clothes, what are they thinking?

                                  Cover your stuff, no one wants to see it! !!

    To answer the question "whether different clothes worn by humans affect pets", Dr. Chamove of Massey University in New Zealand did an interesting study.

    The animals participating in the experiment were 22 dogs in the stray center. An unfamiliar researcher was arranged in the experiment, first wearing a black dress, and then wearing 5 different styles of long-sleeved shirts (the patterns are wide stripes with black and white stripes, thin stripes (Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, and no stripes) pass in front of these dogs' cages and record their responses.
Photo by Gilberto Reyes from Pexels

   The results showed that the shirts worn by the participants did affect the dog's behavior: when the dogs saw narrow, horizontally striped clothes, they showed submission and anxiety. Seeing pure black clothes is the calmest. The conclusion of the experiment is that dogs can tell the difference between the different clothes we wear.

So if we do n’t wear clothes, can they see it?

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

    Unlike us humans, pets are naked almost all the time. It's a little awkward that you undress in front of your pet, because in your judgment, you think they know we are naked. But in fact, in terms of privacy awareness, pets are not as strong as humans, and we cannot judge their thoughts based on human thinking.

    They feel a little strange when they encounter naked people, just because they usually look at you who are used to wearing clothes, and suddenly see you who are naked, they will inevitably feel a little confused. It just wonders why you didn't wear anything, not because it realized you were naked.
Photo by Javon Swaby from Pexels

So rest assured! Your pet doesn't care if you are naked or not. Even if you run naked in front of them every day, they have no idea whatsoever.


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