Friday, January 10, 2020

What can a Yorkshire terrier not eat?

What can a Yorkshire terrier not eat ?

by L&G PET

     How should a Yorkshire Terrier be fed, and what kind of food should it be fed? And what foods cannot it eat?

     The Yorkshire Terrier is actually more picky in this aspect of eating, so when feeding the Yorkshire Terrier, it must be noted that in addition to dog food, you can also choose some homemade dog food, but some foods cannot be added Inside.


     In addition, you can add some baby milk powder or baby rice noodles to the dog. The nutritional content is relatively high, and it is also a good food for Yorkshire puppies.

     Cooked egg yolks are very beneficial for puppies. They can not only provide nutrition, but also achieve the effect of beautiful hair. In addition, indigestion will not cause gastrointestinal diseases..

     Onions and shallots are rich in enzymes. This substance is very detrimental to the growth and development of dogs, and can easily cause diarrhea in dogs. Seriously, it will cause a load on dogs' kidneys and livers, which will lead to some serious things.
Milk is also completely unacceptable, because Yorkshire Terriers tend to dilute after drinking.


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