Friday, January 10, 2020

What body language does a dog often have?

What body language does a dog often have?

    Puppies are the first pets that people love to feed. They are smart, flattering, and passionate, but they do n’t chat, and I do n’t know how to communicate. I think they use gestures to express their own meaning. If people grasp the meaning of such gestures, they will know what the puppy wants to do. Today I will tell you the body language common to some puppies.

Wagged his tail

    Dog wagging its tail is the easiest pose for it. Everyone usually thinks that the dog is expressing happiness. I think they mean the excitement of shaking their tails. It is a happy excitement to see their loved ones shaking their tails, and to see passers-by shaking their tails will be worried excitement, or irritated excitement. Therefore, when a dog shakes its tail, it is necessary to grasp what kind of mentality it is excited about.


    When the dog supported its front paws, raised its hips, as if in an aggressive posture, and the small tail kept shaking, they wanted to invite us to play with it. When we approached, it would jump up and run away, then look back Will we follow up and respond to its invitation.

Exposed belly

    When dogs play with us, they lie on their backs with their abdomen exposed. The abdomen is their sensitive area and can only be exposed if they feel safe. At this moment, he can gently stroke his belly.

Ears backward, pinch tail

When they make such gestures they are worried. If it also has a backward posture, it should be that they feel restless, and there are things or people around them that worry them. At this time, our family should take it away from the environment or soothe it.

Stand upright and erect its ears

Dogs are very tactile, and when they make these gestures suddenly, they are usually the main manifestation of risk. For example, if someone is near, if someone comes closer, it will continue to shout until it feels that the risk is eliminated.

Blink, turn, yawn

When many people stare at it, it will blink, turn its head away from looking at the person, or yawn. They hate others to stare. This is the main manifestation of restlessness, so they don't have to stare at them all the time. Puppies prefer to be stroked.

Tumbling after bath

After washing, the dog likes to roll in the nest. This is due to the smell of body wash on their hands after a bath, and they want to get rid of it.

Hide food

Sometimes give puppies some small snacks, they are not easy to swallow, they will hide in the nest or under the bed. This is their nature, and you can take it out when you are hungry. We will worry that they are sick. In fact, their stomachs have a strong digestive ability, and even after eating certain moldy ingredients, it is not easy to be harmful.


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