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Methods of feeding golden retrievers

Methods of feeding golden retrievers

by L&G PET

Parents of golden retriever believe that they will have seen their own golden retriever eat, and they basically won’t chew and swallow their belly directly, so some parents may think that this is because their golden retriever is not full. Then he will increase the amount of food for him, so that a good golden retriever will be fed into a "golden pig". Therefore, the scientific feeding method is particularly important here.

Feeding times

Basically, puppies before three months old, parents can feed them 4 times a day, remember to eat less and eat more. When the golden retriever puppies reach 3-6 months, you can reduce the number of feedings, about 3 times a day. Half-year-old puppies only need to be fed twice a day at this time. After the golden retriever puppies reach adulthood, parents only need to feed 1-2 times a day. Only when the Golden Retriever does not walk away after eating for a long time can this indicate that it is not full. Parents can give it a proper increase in meals.

How many meals a day?

Puppies: At this time, the golden retriever puppies are not fully developed because of their gastrointestinal function, so this time plus the time to grow the body, so the need for nutrition and calories is relatively high, so at this time it is best to feed three meals a day. Feed on the principle of eating less and eating more.

Adult dogs: It is recommended that when the golden retriever is an adult, parents can feed it twice a day, and it must be fed regularly and regularly, otherwise the golden retriever can easily cause stomach problems. Although some people think that feeding golden retrievers once a day is fine, but this is mainly determined by the actual situation of their own dogs. After all, each golden retriever's body is different.

Generally, golden retriever puppies three months ago are fed 4 times a day. When the puppies are about 3 months to half years old, they can be reduced to 3 times. After half a year, they will be fed 2 times. When they are adults, they will be fed 1-2 times.


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