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How to walk a dog?

How to walk a dog?

by L&G PET

(Photo by Hannes L. from Pexels)

Why should we walk the dog

    Whether it's a Chihuahua, a poodle, a corgi, a bichon, a fawn, a medium-sized Samoyed, a Labrador, or a large-sized Alaskan sled, or golden retriever, you need to walk your dog.

But many people don't know how to walk a dog.

Why walk the dog?

     Dogs need a certain amount of exercise to maintain their physical health and meet their athletic needs.

     The process of walking the dog is also a "social" and "socialized" process. Let the dog see strangers, touch other dogs, play with other dogs, see the sun, and listen to various sounds. Very helpful for dogs to develop a more gentle character.

How to walk a dog

(Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels)

      Set a traction rope for the dog. If it is extremely excited, open the door and let it stand at the door, soothe its emotions until the dog's mood is stable, then go out, and pay attention to the owner to go out before the dog。
      Don't let the dog form the excitement of opening the door and train him to follow you every time he goes out.

      Hold the rope and take him to  pee

     Then, try to avoid crowded places and take it away. Hold the rope well, do not affect passers-by, bypass the children and the elderly, unless someone takes the initiative to show interest in your dog, you can touch it, but remember to control your dog.
(Photo by Dariusz Grosa from Pexels)
      Hold the rope. With the consent of other dog owners, your dog can contact and play with other dogs. If your dog's personality is very bad, please don't contact other dogs without consent. After a dog has contacted enough different dogs through a mild process, he will naturally not react very strongly to other dogs.

     Go back to the door. If the dog rushes to the house in a hurry, control it, soothe him, and enter the door when his mood is stable.


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