Monday, January 13, 2020

How to train a teddy dog to keep quiet

How to train a teddy dog to keep quiet

by L&G PET

Photo by Dominic Buccilli from Pexels

     We all know that teddy loves barking very much. If we want our teddy dog to become very quiet, then we must learn some methods.

Leave temporarily

     If the teddy is constantly making trouble with you, we should leave the room quietly and leave the dog alone for a while. In this way, the dog may be able to calm down and stay in the room. If we try to silence a dog by yelling, it won't work. It will only make it worse.

Give reward

    In addition to walking away, we must give the dog a small snack reward after it calms down. But don't give too much, because dogs are prone to some dependencies, which is not good.


    Carry out some comforting behaviors for dogs that will keep barking when encountering strangers, such as giving them a hug to give them a sense of security, or giving them a beloved toy in advance to satisfy themselves After the request, the dog will become very quiet.

Let the dog understand the command

    Let the dog understand the command when it wants to bark. This requires us to train it in daily life so that the dog can become more obedient. When dogs bark, we must learn to say no.

    If the dog is found to be intentionally trying to get your attention, then we can let the dog learn to be quiet by ignoring him. If the dog is unable to maintain stability because of the restless situation, parents must give It caresses.


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