Friday, January 17, 2020

How to train Labrador?

How to train Labrador?

by L&G PET

Photo by Isaiah Stilwell from Pexels

     Labrador's nature is clever and obedient, and the best golden stage for training it is that three months to one year old. This time period is Labrador's simple temperament, accepting work and self-study are in the best state.

    Especially the small Labrador at the age of four to five months is smarter and easy to obey the owner. We should strengthen training at this time.

    The simpler the password command we train, the better. Labrador quickly understands and performs actions. It also allows Labrador to quickly remember our requirements.
Photo by Julian Peter from Pexels

    We can add hand movements to make it easier for Labrador to understand the requirements.

    As a puppy, Labrador has insufficient brain development and sound memory and comprehension skills. We can make it easier for Labrador to understand our requirements by doing demonstration exercises.

    We need to help Labrador train first, repeat the same action, and Labrador will understand what we ask it to do.

   The higher the intelligence of Labrador, the better the actual training effect will be! We are going to play more games with Labrador.
Photo by Matthis Volquardsen from Pexels

    Labrador is rewarded to improve its ability when training. Delicious snacks are the best reward for improving training for Labrador.

    When training Labrador, you must not let it go hungry. Because of starvation, it keeps going away and lacks the intention to perform. It is best to choose a protein-rich natural dog food, which will help Labrador strengthen its resistance and promote brain development.


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