Friday, January 10, 2020

How to train dogs to poop?

How to train dogs to poop

by L&G PET

    We know that puppies induce females to defecate and clean up until weaning. That's about to change now. From the third week, puppies will try to leave the delivery box for the first time. Generally, the front of the delivery box has been removed at this time, and puppies are allowed to leave their sleeping area and move out one or two meters.

      We can't control the dog's urinate and poop. Puppies 3-4 weeks old need to urinate at least 12 times a day, and poop five or six times. You ca n’t control when puppies pee. They may behave when they need to. For example, they always turn around. Even then, you ca n’t control the pee every time you pee.

      In other words, no matter how serious you are, there will always be various unexpected events at the beginning. Fortunately, you can prepare in advance, for example, dogs can easily defecate after waking up or eating, so you need to be fully alert at these times.

     At first, puppies may urinate around the litter. By nature, dogs are clean little creatures, so puppies also keep their sleeping, feeding, and toilet areas as far apart as possible. You have to make sure you have the right things on hand to allow puppies to pee, such as newspapers, pads or sawdust, which are more selective, but make sure these things are dust-free.

     Of course, puppies in this period do not go to the place you prepared to pee every time, so you must keep their sleeping area completely clean. You can buy cushions that absorb water so that you can keep them dry. Putting a dozen newspapers between the mat and the floor can also absorb moisture well. However, it is important to remember to change newspapers in a timely manner. You may need to change them two or three times a day in the early days of toilet training.

     Dogs like to urinate in a natural environment, so if you can place your puppy in the garden or outdoors, it will be more beneficial to you and your puppy. This training can begin when puppies are 4 weeks old. The 4-week-old puppies should also have mastered the basics of walking.


  1. The first thing in the morning is to accompany the dog to urinate, and to urinate with the dog after meal and every time he wakes up.
  2. Go to the park or outdoor with it.
  3. When you see your dog squatting, be sure to give it a reward and say something complimenting.
  4. If the puppies do not urinate in the set place, do not blame it, you just need to clean it up silently.

     You can't make your dog go to the place you choose every time. There are also times when puppies will be pulled directly outside, so be sure to pay attention to its usual walking route from the sleeping area to the garden, and bring along what you prepare to handle its pee.


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