Friday, January 10, 2020

How to train a beagle ?

How to train a beagle ?

 by L&G PET

     What to do if the Beagle is not obedient? The owners of pet dogs hope that their dogs can have good obedience and quickly implement the owner's orders. No one wants to keep the dogs lawless and wantonly! But, There are still many misbehaving dogs in life. This is mainly because their owners are too doting, which makes them develop many bad habits. The owner's blind accommodation and indulgence are wrong. Once he has developed a disobedient temperament, he will not even be able to control it in the future. By then, you will know the consequences. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should pay attention to establish their own majesty during the feeding process.

  1. Before feeding, the owner can prepare the food in front of the Beagle, but you must not allow it to eat without your permission. If you cannot control the dog, stop it with a traction rope and put the food in Beagle can see but can't eat. The owner can order it to do something, such as not to move, not to eat again, so that the Beagle can understand who the owner is.
  2. If the Beagle is angry and aggressive, the owner should not force it first. The best way is to ignore it, because the more you force the dog to resist, the more you ignore it and make the dog understand that without the owner himself Can't get it. The method of punishing the Beagle can be to put it in the house, and then the owner does not look at it, and treats it as if it does not exist, this punishment method should be the most violent punishment method for the dog. 
  3. Make sure that the Beagle is gradually becoming docile. Without being aggressive, the owner can lay the dog on its feet on the ground and look at it with serious eyes. If the dog would obey the owner at this time, he would not dare to look at the owner, and his tail would not be resisted. At this point, it is basically a success. The owner can put the dog up and praise the dog with a gentle tone. The Beagle must understand that only the right thing can get the owner's reward.

Beagle dogs must be trained from puppies, and do not let puppies develop bad habits. Beagle dogs not only need to be cared for, but also trained to be sensible, so that the dog's life will be more harmonious.


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