Monday, January 13, 2020

How to make golden retriever have smooth and beautiful hair

How to make golden retriever have smooth and beautiful hair

by L&G PET
(Photo by Hemant Gupta from Pexels)

      The golden retriever's individual differences are relatively large, some are larger and have more hair, and some are smaller and have less hair. The fur on the back and chest of some Golden Retriever dogs is easily rolled into waves, and it is very soft just after taking a bath. If you do n’t comb the Golden Retriever's fur for a few days, the golden retriever's hair will have mud, dirt, and grass particles , Branches, etc.
     The undercoat and outer bristles should be carefully cleaned with a hair dryer or handle comb. Over time, the fur will knot. Especially in the back of the ear, chest, sides of the abdomen, and the inside of the limbs, if you are too lazy to comb it, the knot will get bigger and bigger, which is difficult to handle.

    Therefore, before bathing, be sure to comb through and comb through the fur, and cut or break the knots that cannot be opened before combing. When cutting the hair knots, avoid scratching the skin and minimize the pain of the dog. Don't pull the knots hard, it's best to be handled by an experienced pet groomer. You can also use the fluffy hair bath or conditioner to soak the knots, and clean or cut the knots during the blowing process.

    Hair knots that have not been dried for a long time can cause skin diseases or other skin inflammation. Even in summer, don't let the fur dry naturally, it is better to blow dry in time.


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