Thursday, January 23, 2020

How to feed a bulldog?

How to feed a bulldog?

by L&G PET
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

    In fact, the diet structure of the Bulldog is different from other ordinary dogs. In the puppies period, you can feed the dogs some natural and high-quality dog food, but still adhere to the principle of eating less and eating more. In this case, bulldog puppies can't stand it. When an adult dog is born, it ca n’t eat some natural dog food like other dogs. It takes more care for the pet owner to add some complementary food to the dog. , Such as cooked lean meat, cooked egg yolk, chicken and duck meat, etc., can add some protein to the dog, you can also add some fresh fruits and vegetables to the dog's food, supplement the dog's vitamins and fiber And so on, can promote the gastrointestinal absorption of dogs.

Photo by Public Domain Pictures from Pexels

    Because there are many folds on the face and body of the  Bulldog, if you do not clean and disinfect in time, the folds of the dog are prone to ulcers, especially in the hot weather, you must give the dog's face in time And the body's wrinkles are coated with some medicine powder. In addition, the  bulldog's ears are also prone to bacteria and parasites, so the dog's ears must be cleaned often. Generally, it is enough to clean up twice a month. Otherwise, the dog's ears will often emit an odor; in addition, if it is in winter, it may be sufficient to bathe the cow baby once a month, if it is summer, it is sufficient to bathe twice a month. After the bath, Wipe the dog clean in time to prevent the dog from catching a cold and getting sick.

    Because bulldogs are very prone to heatstroke, in hot weather, you should often cool your dogs, change your dogs to clean water, and lay your dogs on wet towels to prevent them from getting heatstroke.


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