Friday, January 10, 2020

Every dog has its own way of sleeping, do you know why?

Every dog has its own way of sleeping, do you know why?

by L&G PET

      We have to sleep every day. If we don't rest well, it will directly affect the state of the next day. And everyone ’s sleeping postures are different. Some people like to sleep on their stomachs, some people like to sleep on their side, and some people are lying flat. Every day when people go to sleep, they will come and go, and they need to find a sleeping position that suits them to fall asleep.

            However, people have to sleep in their own sleeping position to fall asleep. What about dogs? In fact, they will also have a favorite sleeping style. Do you know the reasons behind the different sleeping styles?


Dogs often sleep by the wall

    We can notice that many times, dogs like to sleep by the wall, or they are used to holding things on their backs. Why? In fact, this is a manifestation of their lack of security. When a dog is sleeping, his back is equivalent to a blind spot. If there is danger behind him, he cannot feel it accurately. But if they sleep against the wall, the back wall will make them feel safe, just as people like to be held when they sleep.


Dogs like to sleep against us

     If you often hug your dog on the bed, you will find that they are used to resting their butt on you during rest. Many owners may misunderstand and even think that the dog does not like himself, otherwise why not sleep next to himself? In fact, this is not just that dogs hate you, it is a manifestation of their trust in their owners. Dogs are farting at you, which is equivalent to trusting their owners. They feel that even if their owners are in their blind spots, they will not do anything to hurt themselves.

Sleep under the table

    The height of the room is appropriate relative to the height of the person, but for dogs, they are so small that the height of the room makes them feel uncomfortable. So when they hide under the table to sleep, they will feel more secure.

  Sleep at the feet of the owner

    There is another kind of dog that likes to stick to its owner. He lays wherever he goes. The most common is that when we watch TV in the living room, we find that dogs like to rest by our feet.

    Because the nearest place that dogs can reach us is our feet, and our feet have the most familiar taste. So when we are not at home, some dogs will bite the shoveler's shoes or lie on our shoes to sleep, as if the owner is accompanying him. Therefore, dogs like to sleep by the shoe rack !


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