Friday, January 10, 2020

Can puppies eat bones?

Can puppies eat bones?

by L&G PET

    We all know that dogs prefer to eat bones, but we can also see that in pet hospitals, we can always see dogs eating bones and getting stuck. Therefore, in normal times, try to Do not feed dog bones, especially chicken, duck, and fish bones, which are sharp and easy to cut through the intestine, which can severely cause stomach bleeding and cause danger to life. So if the dog accidentally eats the bone and gets stuck, what correct measures should we take to rescue it?

Remove foreign objects by hand under permitted conditions

    If the dog is bone stuck, severe shock may happen, even cause life-threatening, so once found that a dog is a bone stuck, you can check the dog first stuck situation, on average, to let the other people hold the dog in the chest, don't let the dog dog move, then another person open mouth, check the status of a stuck throat, if in can see the bones of the case, try to use your fingers to the bone, conditions permitting, can also use long nose pliers remove the bone, this kind of circumstance is generally card is not deep, if have the card of deep, invisible to the naked eye the bone, Don't try to remove the bone manually.

See if the dog can spit out the bone

    If you can’t remove the bones by hand, and it ’s a puppy, you can try turning the dog upside down, rushing his head to the ground, and then pushing the dog ’s throat with his hand to see if he can use the gravity inertia to let the dog himself Bone spit out.

Heimlich Rescue Act

    This first aid method is applied in a very urgent situation, because if it is an inexperienced operator, it may hurt your dog, but if you find that it is difficult for your dog to breathe, and it is not guaranteed Waiting for a professional first aid, then you can also try this first aid method.

    The operation process is: you half kneel behind the dog, then hug the dog's belly, hold one hand in a fist shape, then cover the fist with the other hand, and place it in a soft place under the dog's chest Quickly press upwards about 4 times. If the method is available, the dog can spit out the bones.

Seek medical attention promptly

    The correct measure is that if you have the conditions, if you feel that you can't remove the bones, you should take your dog to a doctor in time to solve the problem of dogs getting stuck in the bones.

    Therefore, try not to feed the bones when the dog is usually fed. If the dog is accidentally stuck, take the correct first-aid measures to avoid causing more serious problems.


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