Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Can dogs drink milk?

Can dogs drink milk?

by L&G PET

     Some owners like to give their dogs a little milk to increase their nutrition. This is a mistake. I believe many owners have encountered such a situation, the dog will diarrhea after drinking milk.

Why can't dogs drink milk

    The main reason why dogs cannot drink milk is their intolerance to lactose. Milk contains a lot of lactose, but dogs lack the enzymes that break down lactose. After milk enters the dog's stomach, it cannot be digested and absorbed well, which will cause the dog to have diarrhea. Severe vomiting may also occur, causing symptoms such as dehydration.

The difference between breast milk and milk

    Dogs who drink breast milk will not have diarrhea, because the amount of lactose in breast milk is very low, which will not burden the dog. And the content of protein, fat and other substances in breast milk is significantly higher than milk, which can provide good nutrition to puppies.


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