Tuesday, January 14, 2020

7 points to make your dog healthy and longevity

7 points to make your dog healthy and longevity

by L&G PET
Photo by Burst from Pexels
    It only takes 8 months for a dog to be born and complete its body development. That is, 8 months for a dog is equivalent to 18 years of age for us. Dogs grow up and age very quickly. We must take care of them carefully to make them live longer. Today I will share with you 7 things that dogs should pay attention to as they get older!

Weight control

    Obesity is a killer of health. Therefore, older dogs must control their weight and control their diet and fitness activities so that dogs can live a long and healthy life!


    Dogs should take more exercise as they get older. Moderate fitness exercises can help dogs strengthen their resistance and slow down their physical decline. Outdoor scenery is also very helpful for dogs' mental health. Good mentality is the trick for healthy longevity.
Photo by Charles from Pexels

Nutritional balance

    As dogs get older, they should pay more attention to dietary balance. In addition to meals for meals, more vegetables and fruits and meat products will make the dog's diet more balanced, the nutritional content more comprehensive, and it will improve the dog's appetite.

Fill nutrition

    The older the dog, the greater the body's requirements for nutrients. Dogs are prematurely declining, with dry hair, dry and wrinkled skin, thin body, and whitening hair, which are the main manifestations of insufficient nutrition in the dog's body. Feed the dogs with moderate vitamins.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Pay attention to gastrointestinal digestion and absorption

    As dogs get older, they need to pay attention to gastrointestinal absorption. You can choose natural dog food containing probiotic powder, deep-sea fish oil, and seaweed powder.


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