Wednesday, January 22, 2020

10 Tips,Things you must know

10 Tips ,Things you must know
by L&G PET

1. Never give your dog chocolate. Theobromine is fatal.

2. Do not eat onions and shallots for dogs. Disulfides can cause red blood cells to oxidize and easily cause hemolytic anemia.

3, eat less liver and pork, can also cause vitamin A poisoning.

4, sugar is best not to eat. Dogs have poor digestion of sugar.

5, Do not feed your dogs with grapes and tomatoes. Grapes contain quite high glucose and fructose. The grapes are more than 15% and the raisins are more than 40% or higher. Dogs are sensitive to sugars and may cause poisoning. 

6, Human stomach acid concentrations are not the same as dogs, so dogs that humans can digest may not

7, Don't apply human medicine to dogs

8,Be sure to blow dry after bathing, wet skin is prone to parasites

9, Drink less milk, which contains lactose

10, Dogs cannot eat foods high in sugar, fat, and salt.


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