Friday, February 7, 2020

Do you know how many colors husky eyes have?

Do you know how many colors husky eyes have?

by L&G PET

Huskies can have many different eye colors, as well as different combinations.

Blue eyed

Photo by Kateryna Babaieva from Pexels

    Blue eyes are common amongst huskies and are a classic example of Heterochromia. Around 5 out of 10 huskies will have two blue eyes. In fact, all newborn huskies start life with blue eyes, and later change if destined to.


Photo by Antonio Florentini from Pexels

Bi-Eyed huskies have one blue eye and one brown eye. Bi-Eyed huskies are slightly rarer than huskies with two blue eyes.

Parti-colored eyes

This is the rarest eye color variation and it’s called parti-colored. Only about 5% of the husky.

Brown eyed

  Brown eyes are usually as common as blue eyes, around 4 out of 10 huskies will have two brown eyes. There can be many different shades and tones of brown.

   Such an amazing phenomenon is called heterochromia, more commonly referred to as bi-colored or bi-eyed. . Heterochromia is the result of an excess or deficiency of melanin - the pigment responsible for the color of the iris of the eyes and does not affect the health of the animal. Other Huskies have mixed colors within each eye: partly blue and partly brown, and this is commonly known as parti-colored. This is normal and is just one of the fascinating and interesting facts about Siberian Huskies.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Make a special cake for your puppies

Make a special cake for your puppies

by L&G Pet

Today we all introduce a cake making method, you can learn to make it for your puppies. Your dog will love it very much.




1 banana

½ cup rice flour 

1 egg, 

Strawberry yogurt:

1 cup yogurt, unsweetened

Powdered strawberries, freeze-dried

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Do you know about Yorkshire Terriers?

Do you know about Yorkshire Terriers?

by L&G PET

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

     The Yorkshire Terrier originally originated in Britain in the nineteenth century. Because the petite and exquisite figure was first cultivated to catch mice, like cats, many people may be confused. What is it? Catching mice? It is rare, but it is true thing.

Photo by JÉSHOOTS from Pexels

    Yorkshire Terriers are really popular dogs. They are gentle and loving, although they are petite, they have big courage and are very loyal to their owners. They are light and agile, and show their enthusiasm in front of their owners.

   Although the Yorkshire Terrier has long hair, it is not easy to lose hair. Because the back hair is too long, it will fall down vertically. Everyone will choose to make the Yorkshire Terrier in various shapes. From light to deep, it looks like silk in the sun.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

    Yorkshire terriers are particularly sticky to their owners, and they like to be coquettish. Although his body size is quite small, whoever dares to bully his family will definitely go up and attack the other.

    When breeding Yorkshire Terriers, you must pay attention. Yorkshire Terriers are troublesome to care for because of their silky hair, and it is best to help them comb their hair several times a day. Something dirty. If you find the Yorkshire Terrier's hair and grow to the ground, then parents are best to groom the dog's back hair to both sides neatly, if it affects the vision of the Yorkshire Terrier, make it a little pigtail, which is more cute.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

What to do if the dog does n’t eat

What to do if the dog does n’t eat

by L&G PET

In the process of raising dogs, we may find that dogs do not eat.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Gastrointestinal disorders

If you find that your dog is not eating, then you must first find out what caused the dog not to eat, and then you can deal with it. Some dogs do not eat. It may be a gastrointestinal disease. As a result, if the owner finds that they still have nausea and vomiting, they must take the dog to the hospital for treatment.

Eat too much

Dogs do n’t eat, it may also be caused by eating too much, we can carefully think about whether the dogs have eaten too much food in the past few days, then the dogs may Will show no interest in food. At this time, we should not force the dog to eat. You can prepare appropriate warm water for the dog. After the stomach gradually digests, the dog will start eating again.

Photo by Burst from Pexels

Picky eaters

Don't cause picky eating problems to your dog. When the owner is feeding dog food to the dog, it is likely that he will gradually dislike eating dog food because of picking his mouth. Then at this time, the owner can hungry the dog appropriately for two days without worrying too much, just provide it with enough water, and when the dog feels hungry, it will eat.

Can dogs drink yogurt

Can dogs drink yogurt ?

by L&G PET

    We will find that some dogs have no problem drinking yogurt, and some dogs will feel uncomfortable when they drink. Can dogs drink yogurt?

Can dogs drink yogurt?
Answer: Dogs are able to drink yogurt

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

    But we must pay attention that although dogs can drink yogurt, this cannot clear up some dogs' diarrhea after drinking yogurt. Also pay attention to whether your dog has skin allergies to yogurt, if you can get it, you don't have to drink it.

What are the benefits of dogs drinking yogurt?

1. Yogurt contains a variety of vitamin b, and vitamin b can reasonably improve the dog's physical resistance and make it difficult for the dog to get sick.

2. Yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria drink, and lactic acid bacteria drink can reasonably promote the digestion and absorption of calcium in milk, and in addition, it can improve the survival of good bacteria in the stomach.

3. Yogurt also contains tyrosine, which can reduce the dog's mentality of depression and restlessness, and can also improve the dog's spiritual essence.

4. for dogs with poor appetite, you can also mix yogurt in dog food for dogs, which can improve dogs' appetite.
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Common problems for dogs drinking yogurt:

1. The pet owner should not feed too much yogurt to the dog, and the amount of yogurt used by a dog should not exceed 2 tablespoons.

2, dogs can not drink iced yogurt, it is best to eat at room temperature. If it is fresh yogurt from the refrigerator, it is best to leave it for 10-15 minutes before giving it to your dog.

3. Dogs don't drink all yogurt. Generally speaking, there are two types of yogurt: one is milk powder blend, the other is raw milk cream yogurt, and the infant milk powder blend yogurt has many whey protein ingredients, which has not been good for dogs. No feeding is therefore proposed. Raw milk yoghurt can be given to dogs.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

How to make dogs understand what we mean?

How to make dogs understand what we mean?

by L&G PET
Photo by Tom Verdoot from Pexels
    It's easier to convey information to dogs by adopting proper language when training dogs, plus some actions.

Simple words

    Dogs can remember simple words of humans. It's not just the command words like "get down" or "can't", but everyday words like "walking" and "eating". Dogs can also remember them by linking them with their behavior. Some dogs associate the word "hospital" with the painful memories of their treatment, and they remember it. Once the owner says "Go to the hospital", the dog will hide.

How many words can a dog remember

    If the owner can add body language when speaking, such as gestures, and then patiently teach the dog, the dog can remember a lot of things. So how much can you remember? After research, the report based on empirical speculation will be comprehensively analyzed. Generally speaking, dogs can remember 20-100 sentences. However, dogs can only remember short words composed of words, and they cannot understand sentences.
                                                        Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Understand the host's thoughts from the atmosphere

    In human-dog communication, body language is more important than speech. The dog can judge from the owner's subtle movements and eyes. Dogs understand humans through their body language, so in order for humans and dogs to communicate better, humans should also carefully read dog body language.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

How to feed a bulldog?

How to feed a bulldog?

by L&G PET
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

    In fact, the diet structure of the Bulldog is different from other ordinary dogs. In the puppies period, you can feed the dogs some natural and high-quality dog food, but still adhere to the principle of eating less and eating more. In this case, bulldog puppies can't stand it. When an adult dog is born, it ca n’t eat some natural dog food like other dogs. It takes more care for the pet owner to add some complementary food to the dog. , Such as cooked lean meat, cooked egg yolk, chicken and duck meat, etc., can add some protein to the dog, you can also add some fresh fruits and vegetables to the dog's food, supplement the dog's vitamins and fiber And so on, can promote the gastrointestinal absorption of dogs.

Photo by Public Domain Pictures from Pexels

    Because there are many folds on the face and body of the  Bulldog, if you do not clean and disinfect in time, the folds of the dog are prone to ulcers, especially in the hot weather, you must give the dog's face in time And the body's wrinkles are coated with some medicine powder. In addition, the  bulldog's ears are also prone to bacteria and parasites, so the dog's ears must be cleaned often. Generally, it is enough to clean up twice a month. Otherwise, the dog's ears will often emit an odor; in addition, if it is in winter, it may be sufficient to bathe the cow baby once a month, if it is summer, it is sufficient to bathe twice a month. After the bath, Wipe the dog clean in time to prevent the dog from catching a cold and getting sick.

    Because bulldogs are very prone to heatstroke, in hot weather, you should often cool your dogs, change your dogs to clean water, and lay your dogs on wet towels to prevent them from getting heatstroke.

What should I do if Husky is too fat

What should I do if Husky is too fat

by L&G PET

    Husky is so cute and funny, funny than funny. If a fat dog is raised, it is not a good thing for the dog. What should I do?

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

    First, during husky's weight loss, feeding it with a fiber-rich feed can make husky feel full while not absorbing too much calories, so that the amount of food does not change, but the calories are reduced, which can achieve The effect of losing weight.
Photo by Kateryna Babaieva from Pexels

    Exercise can burn calories. It is recommended to set a regular regular exercise time for Husky every day and urge it to complete in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss. For Husky, under the stable physical condition, there is a 20-minute walk in the morning and evening each day; large dogs should maintain a fixed walking exercise of 30-40 minutes twice a day, which can increase calorie consumption.
Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels
    If you have more than one  husky, look carefully when feeding, and see if the food is not eaten by one of the  huskies, or if all the dogs eat it together, because if you have more than one  husky, it is extremely It may bully other huskies and take predatory behaviors and eat more. It eats 2 times or even 3 times the normal amount of one! So when feeding, pay attention to whether there is such a situation If necessary, you can take separate feeding methods.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

10 Tips,Things you must know

10 Tips ,Things you must know
by L&G PET

1. Never give your dog chocolate. Theobromine is fatal.

2. Do not eat onions and shallots for dogs. Disulfides can cause red blood cells to oxidize and easily cause hemolytic anemia.

3, eat less liver and pork, can also cause vitamin A poisoning.

4, sugar is best not to eat. Dogs have poor digestion of sugar.

5, Do not feed your dogs with grapes and tomatoes. Grapes contain quite high glucose and fructose. The grapes are more than 15% and the raisins are more than 40% or higher. Dogs are sensitive to sugars and may cause poisoning. 

6, Human stomach acid concentrations are not the same as dogs, so dogs that humans can digest may not

7, Don't apply human medicine to dogs

8,Be sure to blow dry after bathing, wet skin is prone to parasites

9, Drink less milk, which contains lactose

10, Dogs cannot eat foods high in sugar, fat, and salt.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Can dogs drink milk?

Can dogs drink milk?

by L&G PET

     Some owners like to give their dogs a little milk to increase their nutrition. This is a mistake. I believe many owners have encountered such a situation, the dog will diarrhea after drinking milk.

Why can't dogs drink milk

    The main reason why dogs cannot drink milk is their intolerance to lactose. Milk contains a lot of lactose, but dogs lack the enzymes that break down lactose. After milk enters the dog's stomach, it cannot be digested and absorbed well, which will cause the dog to have diarrhea. Severe vomiting may also occur, causing symptoms such as dehydration.

The difference between breast milk and milk

    Dogs who drink breast milk will not have diarrhea, because the amount of lactose in breast milk is very low, which will not burden the dog. And the content of protein, fat and other substances in breast milk is significantly higher than milk, which can provide good nutrition to puppies.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

What do pets think when they see you naked?

What do pets think when they see you naked?

by L&G PET

Your pet looks at you as you take a shower and change clothes. Slightly awkward, what are they thinking?

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

   Maybe we have all encountered this situation: when you have finished bathing or undressing at bedtime, you may find a pair of eyes peeping at you in some corner of the room, which makes you embarrassed.

    But what about them? Seeing that you are not wearing clothes, what are they thinking?

                                  Cover your stuff, no one wants to see it! !!

    To answer the question "whether different clothes worn by humans affect pets", Dr. Chamove of Massey University in New Zealand did an interesting study.

    The animals participating in the experiment were 22 dogs in the stray center. An unfamiliar researcher was arranged in the experiment, first wearing a black dress, and then wearing 5 different styles of long-sleeved shirts (the patterns are wide stripes with black and white stripes, thin stripes (Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, and no stripes) pass in front of these dogs' cages and record their responses.
Photo by Gilberto Reyes from Pexels

   The results showed that the shirts worn by the participants did affect the dog's behavior: when the dogs saw narrow, horizontally striped clothes, they showed submission and anxiety. Seeing pure black clothes is the calmest. The conclusion of the experiment is that dogs can tell the difference between the different clothes we wear.

So if we do n’t wear clothes, can they see it?

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

    Unlike us humans, pets are naked almost all the time. It's a little awkward that you undress in front of your pet, because in your judgment, you think they know we are naked. But in fact, in terms of privacy awareness, pets are not as strong as humans, and we cannot judge their thoughts based on human thinking.

    They feel a little strange when they encounter naked people, just because they usually look at you who are used to wearing clothes, and suddenly see you who are naked, they will inevitably feel a little confused. It just wonders why you didn't wear anything, not because it realized you were naked.
Photo by Javon Swaby from Pexels

So rest assured! Your pet doesn't care if you are naked or not. Even if you run naked in front of them every day, they have no idea whatsoever.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

5 things you must know before raising a dog, do you really think about it?

5 things you must know before raising a dog, 

do you really think about it?

by L&G PET
Photo by Burst from Pexels

Dogs are very flattering, even if you look at other people's dogs are all cool and charming, or cute. Here are 5 things you must know before raising a dog.

Dogs will break furniture

Dogs can bite furniture, and although you can get angry with dogs, it can happen.

Dogs cost a lot

Dog food, kennels, toys, medical treatments, etc. all require more money.

Photo by Svetozar Milashevich from Pexels

No time to walk the dog

Keeping a dog requires activities, so that it is conducive to the growth of the dog. If you do n’t have enough time to manage your dog ’s food, clothing, and shelter, you do n’t have to mess with yourself.

Need patience

Keeping a dog is to keep it for a lifetime. It is a member of the family and cannot be given up halfway. When you don't have the heart to prepare in advance, it is recommended that you do not have to keep a dog.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Dogs have a  body odor 

Dogs have body odor. This kind of body odor can be contaminated by people and clothes that touch it. 

It is recommended to go to a friend's home early or to experience the actual experience in a foster pet shop before making a decision on whether or not to raise a dog.

Friday, January 17, 2020

How to train Labrador?

How to train Labrador?

by L&G PET

Photo by Isaiah Stilwell from Pexels

     Labrador's nature is clever and obedient, and the best golden stage for training it is that three months to one year old. This time period is Labrador's simple temperament, accepting work and self-study are in the best state.

    Especially the small Labrador at the age of four to five months is smarter and easy to obey the owner. We should strengthen training at this time.

    The simpler the password command we train, the better. Labrador quickly understands and performs actions. It also allows Labrador to quickly remember our requirements.
Photo by Julian Peter from Pexels

    We can add hand movements to make it easier for Labrador to understand the requirements.

    As a puppy, Labrador has insufficient brain development and sound memory and comprehension skills. We can make it easier for Labrador to understand our requirements by doing demonstration exercises.

    We need to help Labrador train first, repeat the same action, and Labrador will understand what we ask it to do.

   The higher the intelligence of Labrador, the better the actual training effect will be! We are going to play more games with Labrador.
Photo by Matthis Volquardsen from Pexels

    Labrador is rewarded to improve its ability when training. Delicious snacks are the best reward for improving training for Labrador.

    When training Labrador, you must not let it go hungry. Because of starvation, it keeps going away and lacks the intention to perform. It is best to choose a protein-rich natural dog food, which will help Labrador strengthen its resistance and promote brain development.